As with any not for profit expenses are enormous!!  The supplies alone are mind-boggling! Veterinary care, spaying, neutering, worming, cleaning supplies, food, beds, enclosures, just to name a few items. It requires about $20,000 to $28,000 to run the rescue/rehabilitation a year!! 

The domestic/wild skunks and other Indiana orphaned wildlife (Fawns, Opossums, Raccoons, Squirrels, Foxs etc..) desperately need your help and support. People are killing wilds merely because they smell. THAT is their only defense and they only spray if they feel their life is in danger! People and pest control companies are drowning them in the traps, feeding them aspirin so they will SLOWLY bleed to death internally, poisoning them, leaving them in the traps until they starve to death. Just to name a few ways people are destroying them.

By donating you will be making a life saving impact on a skunk or orphaned wild baby, Julie helps most orphaned wildlife, she merely specializes in skunks. Any consideration in donating to the animals in need is greatly appreciated. Without YOU there is no way I can save as many animals as I do a year. It takes a village!

We also have a wish list on Amazon if you would rather donate supplies :-) Click link below. There is no way I can ever thank you enough for helping me help the babies!! Thank you a million times over! 



Click to donate

I am Julie McLaughlin founder/owner of Indiana Skunk Rescue. I am also a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in Hendricks county, Indiana. I help several species of Indiana wildlife, I merely specialize in skunks.  

There is no possible way I can do all this without you and your continued support. It takes a village! I am so happy that I have the village that I do! You all have been extremely supportive and have helped tremendously with donations for all the animals. I have no idea what I would have done without you all. 

I have been gathering items to prepare for next baby season. 

If you are planning on helping a Charity during the Holiday season or on Giving Tuesday in December, I would greatly appreciate you keeping Indiana Skunk Rescue in mind. I cannot help/save this many animals without you. I'm not even going to pretend that I can, because I know that I cannot without your support. The numbers would dwindle dramatically on what I could save. I do not get paid. Any funding I get comes from donations of kind people like yourself and out of my own pocket. 

I am a 501c3 not for profit. I carry seven different licenses and permits to be able to help/save the animals that I do. 

There are several different ways that you can help the animals. Below is a list of different ways. They are in no particular order. One is just as important as the other. 

Words could never express my gratitude if you choose to help and I know the babies feel the same way, because without you and your support they very well could die. They are too tiny to take care of themselves. 

1) Visit my wish list on Amazon and purchase items. It is not visible on all cell phones. If you cannot see it you will have to view it on a different device. I am sorry for that inconvenience, it is Amazon and there's nothing I can do about it. The link to my wish list is here.... 

2) Items that are needed that Amazon does not carry are listed below with links on where to purchase them. 

1) Mazuri omnivore diet x 7 MAZURI Omnivore Zoo Animal Food, 40-lb bag - 

2) Walmart gift cards 

3) Amazon gift cards 

4) Vaccines - Nobivac Canine 1-DAPPv x 8 boxes, I need 200 total. Nobivac Canine 1-DAPPv (Galaxy DA2PPv) Dog Vaccine Merck - Dog Vaccines | Vaccines | Pet ( 

3) Indiana Skunk Rescue is also supported by Amazon Smile. If you do not have an organization on your Amazon account would you please consider adding Indiana Skunk Rescue? In order for an organization to get any credit through Amazon you must purchase items on Amazon smile and have Indiana Skunk Rescue as your supported organization. 

4) Monetary donations for items that cannot be purchased through Amazon that they require. I am a 501c3. Your donation would be tax deductible. You can mail your donation to the following address or click the go fund me link above.

Indiana Skunk Rescue 

4401 North State Road 75 

North Salem, Indiana 46165 

I do not use PayPal. 

5) You can make a donation directly to my veterinary clinic. That way I could have a credit when animals need help that is beyond what I can do for them. 

Hillview veterinary clinic in Franklin, Indiana. 

Their number is 317-736-8880 

6) Have you ever wanted to be a wildlife rehabilitator yourself? Now would be the time to get with me to become a sub permittee of mine. Text me at 317-273-9288 for more information. 

7) Volunteering to help clean enclosures one or two days a week. 

8) Indiana Skunk Rescue is now signed up for the Kroger rewards program. If you're not supporting a nonprofit organization on your Kroger rewards card would you please consider adding Indiana Skunk Rescue to your Kroger rewards card please? 

9) Always be kind to all wildlife and educate as many people as you can to keep them safe. 

10) Choose Indiana Skunk Rescue as your Facebook Birthday fundraiser. 

11) Sign up for Patreon and make a monthly automatic donation to Indiana Skunk Rescue. 

12) Ask your family and friends to support Indiana Skunk Rescue. 

Thank you a million times over for any and all consideration in helping with any of the above. You have no idea how much it is appreciated by myself and the babies. 



Indiana Skunk Rescue 

4401 North State Road 75 

North Salem, Indiana 46165