This is something skunk people do NOT talk about, BUT I feel you all should know what you could be getting into BEFORE you buy that cute tiny baby. No one talks about it because skunks are rabies vector species, just like most wildlife are, if a skunk bites and breaks skin OR even scratches and breaks skin, by law it is to be killed and tested for rabies. This is because there is NO FDA approved rabies vaccine for skunks. We all know the rabies vaccine for other species of animals works for skunks they will not FDA approve a vaccine for skunks because there is no high profit in it for them. There has NEVER been a case of rabies in a domestic skunk to date! 

Skunks personalities mostly fall into three types (kinda like cats)

Their "true" little personalities do not come out until September or October, you will not know exactly what you have until then! 

Sweet.... Your skunk will be the most sweetest creature on the face of the earth. It wouldn't bite for anything! Loves to be with you and cuddle anytime you want. You will never find a better pet in your life. 

Inbetween.... Your skunk will be sweet sometimes and not so nice other times. You may or may not be able to pick it up and cuddle when you want to, most everything is on THEIR terms as far as touching and playing.  Make SURE you will still want the skunk on its terms!

Not nice.... Wants NOTHING to do with you other than food, if you try to make it, it will bite and bite HARD! Even the sweetest of babies can turn out this way. MAKE SURE your skunk will still have a home for it's entire life if this is it's personality!! 

ALL SKUNKS will only bond with 1-2 people and tolerate others. Some skunks only tolerate the one they are bonded too, some skunks tolerate no one! They are not like dogs. Make SURE you will love and keep your skunk no matter what their personality turns out to be!