As with any non-profit rescue expenses are enormous!! We have had two with huge vet bills. One had to have its tail amputated due to infection, all vaccines, neutering, worming etc. One is having seizures that require blood work to be drawn every two weeks at $100.00 a draw plus office call, spay, vaccines, worming. etc. Daily food and care for all the skunks, outside pre-release enclosure etc.  

This year (2018) I had all the wild kits (babies) that were found without a mother in my home until they were old enough to go to my outside enclosure to live until they were old enough to be released back into the wild. Our goal is to have an outside area for the orphaned kits for 2019 and beyond.  

I have looked into a mobile home, the least expensive I can find is $30,000 that includes set up, electric but not water, that would be another $5,000. A 30 x 30 building being built with everything they require would be about $30,000 also. A motor home set up just for them would be about $15,000. A she shed would not be big enough.  

We need to raise as much money as we possibly can so we can get an outside building up and ready to go by May 2019 for the orphaned babies in 2019 and beyond. $1 a pet is not getting us very far towards a building. We will be doing an on line auction also to raise money.  

The baby skunks desperately need your help as do the adults. People are killing them merely because they smell. THAT is their only defense and they only spray if they feel their life is in danger! People and pest control companies are drowning them in the traps, feeding them aspirin so they will SLOWLY bleed to death internally, poisoning them, leaving them in the traps until they starve to death. Just to name a few ways people are destroying them. We have helped over 90 wild skunks and only two have sprayed and neither was a full spray!  

By donating you will be making a life saving impact on a skunk. Any consideration in donating to the skunks in need is greatly appreciated.


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